Contract for a year in a sex hotel

Read carefully, we do not need misunderstandings, you must be fully aware of what you are going for. Breaking the contract ahead of time on your initiative leads to the payment of a penalty in the amount of 700,000 rubles.

Julia again stared at the text of the contract. It looked like she was giving her body to the hotel for a whole year, she was obligated to fuck with any hotel visitor at his will and discretion. In return, she is guaranteed care for her health, full medical care and full insurance from the best medical agent in the country (the hotel is located in Thailand). She would not have thought to accept such a job if it were not for her friend. Alena worked at the hotel for 2 years and now, at the end of the contract, she married one of the clients and went to live in a huge house of a modest Siberian oligarch of an average hand. Julia did not want to get married, she was more tempted by her salary: 1 million rubles per month + bonuses (for which it is not entirely clear, each bonus and conditions are agreed upon by an additional agreement). In fact, the pay is less than, for example, in a good escort, but you still need to get into a good escort, there is a high risk of diseases and drug addiction. And here is a place checked by Alena, a very strict selection of both staff and clients for health and a very loyal attitude towards employees (again, according to Alena). In general, she went through the casting very easily thanks to her friend, who was strongly persuaded to renew the contract and did not want to let go. Alena fell head over heels in love with her unsightly oligarch and promised to find a replacement for herself. Julia.

She and Alena had known each other since school, not exactly best friends, but they did not lose touch. Several times at student parties they participated in a group sex together, several times under alcohol they indulged in lesbian love. After Univer, Yulia worked in a small counter as a deputy chief accountant, and Alena’s offer, in contrast to a salary of 30 thousand, was unrealistically seductive. Julia loved to fuck, but in the last few years she had no permanent partner, except for a married colleague who, on Fridays after work, fucked her in the mouth in the car and rented a hotel once a month, where he no longer hesitated to pull it into all holes. In addition to her colleague, Yulia was fucked by numerous devices, with each salary she bought a new toy in a sex shop and now she could boast of a huge selection. Often she went to work with a plug in her ass, frantically jerking off in the toilet on her boss, but that was where her sex life ended. She often imagined how Maxim Petrovich calls her to the office because of an error in the report and punishes her with pleasure, roughly fucking her in the throat. Throat blowjob was generally Yulia’s special fetish, the idea of ​​sucking as well as porn actresses turned her on immensely, and she trained with all her heart on artificial members at home and on a married colleague at every opportunity. The colleague did not believe his luck and pulled Julia from the heart. He fucked her in the throat in all positions, forced her to swallow a member and hold it until her eyes darkened from a lack of oxygen. Realizing that Yulia was rushing and cumming from a throat fuck, he became completely bolder and began to include elements of BDSM in their meetings, for example, he refused to give her a dick in her mouth until she licked his ass, begging to be fucked in the throat, or until she made him coffee with a huge asshole. All this only turned Julia on more strongly and she joined the game with pleasure. Actually, this love for sex, the amount of payment and the burning eyes of Alena, who worked at the hotel for 2 years, and talked about him with nothing but delight, did their job. Julia passed the casting (there she was stripped, photographed, filmed, a pretty brunette dressed in a strict suit fucked her with an impressive phallus in all holes and let her go without an orgasm) and flew to Thailand to sign the contract.

And now she was sitting, dressed in short denim shorts, a short black top and simple flip-flops in an expensive office in front of a pretty blonde in a formal suit, who was explaining something to her about the forfeit. The letters of the agreement blurred before her eyes, and she, realizing that she did not even have money for a return ticket, let alone a penalty, signed all the necessary pages of the agreement without looking. The girl took the papers, stamped both copies, and offered to go into another room. – Undress completely, you will not need clothes, if you have some necessary personal items: phone, favorite jewelry, books – you can put them on the bench, they will be delivered to your room. You don’t need clothes or make-up either. You can leave the contract and the suitcase in a safe deposit box, just come up with a code that you will not forget in a year. She smiled and left. Julia hesitated, took out her phone, charger, she had nothing else of value. She took off her top, shorts, panties and, remaining naked, folded all her clothes into a cell, stuffed her suitcase into the same place, closed the closet with the same code as the bank card, and froze indecisively. What to do next? Obviously, it was inappropriate to return to the office where she signed the contract in this form, there was another door in the room. Julia made up her mind and opened it… CLICK to watch the video in the story and the His dick is so juicy as her cunts leaks that pussy juice video

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